Cloud IX by BLSA Osgoode: Black History Month Zine

To end our Black History Month celebrations this year, we at BLSA Osgoode have published our BHM ZINE that consists of submission from the Talented Black Creatives in our community. We chose the theme of Black Joy, and this Zine is a collection of poetry, essays, editorial shoots and mixed media work that showcases Black Joy. We hope you enjoy it.

Graphic design by: Armita Dabirzadeh

A special thank you to our wonderful BLSA BHM team, Graphic designer and volunteers:
Joseph Oladimeji (Head curator), Benyat Abdulwahab (Contributor), Arielle Neil (Contributor) and Samantha Melhado (Curator) for all our their hard work all month!

To view the BHM Zine, click here. Please be sure to share it!

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