Celebrating the Life of the Honourable Lincoln Alexander

: Thursday October 25th, 2012
Time: 1:30pm, Location: Moot Court
With Remarks by Dean Sossin and students

The Black Law Students’ Association of Osgoode, students and faculty gathered today to celebrate the life and achievements of The Honourable Lincoln Alexander ‘53. His courage, strength and leadership opened doors for the black community. 

Linc’s life was a lesson to all of us. He showed us what it truly means to give back to his community and his country. I know that we are all here at Osgoode today, in our multitude of diversities, because of trailblazers like him.

When I think of Linc, I wonder what his first day at Osgoode was like. I think we all feel isolated in law school sometimes. I can’t imagine how lonely it would have been to be a Black student graduating from Osgoode in 1953. There is no doubt that Linc experienced racism at this institution, during his career as a lawyer, during his public service and really all throughout his remarkable career. The reason why we are celebrating him today is because of his ability to persist and transcend these obstacles and bring people together.

From Linc’s life I take away three lessons.
The first is that the years we spend here are just the beginning of the greatness we can release upon the world during our legal careers. If we make the choice to give back to our communities and our country we can continue our profession’s tradition of being agents of positive change.
The second is that it’s important to remember where we have been as individuals, as a school and as a country. The divisive walls that exist between people aren’t a given and they can be torn down with hard work and by continuously inspiring ourselves and others to be better and do better than the status quo.
The third is that the law is good but that friends and family are everything. When Linc spoke about his life he always reflected on his late wife, his second wife, his children and grandchildren and all of the other people that knew him outside of his professional self. For me, this serves as a reminder that even the most remarkable achievers have people in their lives that remind them of their humanity.

On behalf of BLSA and other members of the Osgoode community, we ask that you participate in a brief moment of silence as we remember Linc.”

      – Jacqueline Kiggundu

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