BLSA Presents The Blind Stigma: Film & Discussion

“In the black community, you say eating disorder and people just think no, that’s not a black girl thing. That doesn’t happen.” – Chivon John, The Blind Stigma

For the most part, there’s a stigma [that] If you’re strong enough and apply enough of your mental faculties, it’s not a real thing.” – The Blind Stigma

We know that significant stigma surrounds discussions of mental health in the black community. We also know that dealing with mental health issues is all too common in law school. The set of pressures faced in law school can be acute and overwhelming, and often are compounded by feelings of marginalization within the law school environment and beyond. As exam season approaches, join BLSA in shifting the conversation to address mental health in the black community head-on.

Join us this Wednesday, March 23, 2016 from 12:30-2:30pm in the Moot Court for a documentary viewing and discussion of The Blind Stigma, directed and produced by Stacy-Ann Buchanan. The Blind Stigma is a documentary that discusses mental health within the Black community. It chronicles and testifies the stories of five individuals on their trials and triumphs with mental health. Within the Black community, mental health is deemed as a ‘Swept Under The Rug’ stigma that has been creating false illusions and assumptions for a long time. That stigma is the core component of the African Canadian response to mental illness, and therefore African Canadians who suffer from mental illness are less likely to seek treatment. As a result very few studies have been done on the impact of mental illness in the Black community. The Blind Stigma powerfully removes the veil of shame that clouds the topic of mental illness in the Black community, challenge that misconception, give a voice to Black Canadians living with mental illness and leaves the audience more informed and empowered.

The documentary will be followed by a discussion period with the film’s producer and director, Stacy-Ann Buchanan.

Check out the five-minute version of the film here:

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