BLSA Mental Wellness Retreat


On October 4-6, 2019, a contingent of Black law students at Osgoode Hall Law School participated in Osgoode BLSA’s first ever mental wellness retreat, sponsored by Torys LLP. The purpose of this retreat was to build skills in solidarity, support, and self-care. The participants had a fantastic time as they discussed mental health and wellness, practiced meditation and connected with their bodies, as well as discussed how to navigate law school in healthy and productive ways. This retreat was also an opportunity for members to get more involved in the community and to begin building and strengthening bonds that will provide key supports during law school and in the legal profession beyond. Students also had the pleasure of hearing from Isabella Ssozi and Anthony Bishop, both from Torys LLP, who both spoke powerfully about curating sustainability in the legal profession and balancing work and life. The weekend would as well not have been such a success without the aid of other facilitators including Mary Owusu, Kojo Hayward, Michelle Smith and Daniel Quainoo.

This weekend would not have been made possible without the support of Torys LLP, and we are deeply thankful to them. Please check out the photos below!

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