Osgoode Peer Support Centre (OPSC) Up and Running!

The OPSC is a student volunteer-driven initiative aimed to create an open and positive space for Osgoode students. Under the Peer Support Network, students will be matched with Peer Supporters who will provide them with support, encouragement, and resources to help students cope with the stresses of law school life and personal stresses.
What does it mean to be matched with a Peer Supporter? 

Peer Supporters are Osgoode students trained to actively listen and provide support to students who want someone with whom to talk. Peer Supporters and students are matched by an OPSC co-chair, who is bound by confidentiality. The Peer Support Network is meant to be a flexible process, where students and peer supporters can arrange to meet via email, in person, or talk over the phone.

Please note that all communication between a student and a Peer Supporter or the OPSC is treated as confidential. More specific information will be provided to students who express interest in the service.

Are you interested in being matched with a Peer Supporter 

We understand that in certain circumstances some students may prefer to be paired with a Peer Supporter who shares some similarities, whether it be gender, sexual orientation, race, cultural background, religion, and so forth. In an effort to maximize the goals of the Peer Support Network, please fill out the following form outlining your preferences in a Peer Supporter:

  1. Please identify your year of study.

  1. Would you prefer to have a Peer Supporter of a specific gender? If so, please identify.

  1. Do you prefer to be matched with a Peer Supporter who identifies with any of the following groups?

• Asian Law Students of Osgoode
• Black Law Students’ Association
• Hellenic Law Students’ Association
• Hispanic Osgoode Law Association
• Jewish Law Students’ Association
• Korean Law Students’ Association
• Muslim Law Students’ Association
• Osgoode Christian Legal Fellowship
• Osgoode Indigenous Student Association
• Osgoode OUTlaws
• Osgoode Women’s Caucus
• Portuguese Law Students Association
• South Asian Law Students’ Association
  1. Would you be comfortable having a 1L Peer Supporter?

  1. Any other preferences not listed?

Please send any peer support requests to opsc@osgoode.yorku.ca with the subject heading: “Peer Support Request.”

Note: The Osgoode Peer Support Centre cannot guarantee any matches based on preferences.

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