Opportunity Day 2019

On October 19th, the Black Law Students’ Association (BLSA) and the Muslim Law Students’ Association (MLSA) hosted the annual Opportunity Day. It was an opportunity for prospective students to come and see what a day as a law student at Osgoode is like. Students had the chance to hear tips and advice from recent admits, listen to a law school lecture, have their admissions questions answered by a member of Osgoodes’ Admissions Committee, tour the Osgoode campus, and get their personal statements reviewed. The event was a huge success and would not have been possible without the sponsorship of Blakes, Cassels & Graydon and the support of Osgoodes’ faculty and all those who volunteered their time. We would like to thank Jeffrey Warnock and Kyle Elliot for speaking to prospective students about the legal profession, their experiences practicing law, the diversity initiatives at Blakes, and the summer opportunities for students at the firm. We would also like to thank Dean Mary Condon for her opening remarks, Professor Fay Faraday for her guest lecture on equity and ethics in the law, Professor Amar Bhatia for sharing his insights on the law school admissions process and the first year student panel who shared their journey to law school. We are deeply thankful for the lawyers, faculty, BLSA and MLSA executives and students who came out and made this event a success. We would like to share some of the photographs from the event. Enjoy!74428398_477987046162090_5748139188197261312_n pld_1155 pld_1152 pld_1140 pld_1138 pld_1128 pld_1124 pld_1120 pld_1101 pld_1099 pld_1097 pld_1091 pld_1090 pld_1084 pld_1074 pld_1073 pld_1069 pld_1064 pld_1053 pld_1043 pld_1042 pld_1039 pld_1036 pld_1006 pld_0992 pld_0975 pld_0965 pld_0960 pld_0951 pld_0948 pld_0934 pld_0925 pld_0920 pld_0915 pld_0908 pld_0902 pld_0900 pld_0897 pld_0895 pld_0892 pld_0889 pld_0880 pld_0875 pld_0872 pld_0869 pld_0864 pld_0857 pld_0853 pld_0815 pld_0808 pld_0761 pld_0752 pld_0746 pld_0744 pld_0738 pld_0736 pld_0728 pld_0723 pld_0848 pld_0847 pld_0835 pld_0828 pld_0798 pld_0797 pld_0777 pld_0772 pld_0771 pld_0768 pld_0758 pld_0756 pld_0715 pld_0708 pld_0701 pld_0702 pld_0696 pld_0705 pld_0695 pld_0688 75513377_2761307750568597_6239095976385052672_n 74664538_2634613509937804_2907571161493667840_n 72942226_2627021887358263_4874405560151179264_n 73243930_2579848332107577_1881311287577673728_n 73074335_2513665122287147_896665596605759488_n 74242368_1409111682598091_6334967257113821184_n 73420308_1350506075153839_8254964277199241216_n 73403997_1035911466804544_2070592235774148608_n 73299317_1014373208897423_7026750509834829824_n 73272823_973072926398699_7422014906976698368_n 74279437_773616046393693_8693805343806849024_n 73504854_708669249634182_2790734917032476672_n 75603995_707719006376263_2778562133607055360_n 72988608_573718846704335_1576754435063808000_n 74239312_557147501721335_2630262492038692864_n 73079178_554422985371240_4153379069112614912_n 73075015_533281560838841_4010963171962519552_n 72941438_476008483000476_2703410848856014848_n 74209900_788835278212892_336308021019803648_n

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