Oct 29 Meeting Minutes


Date/Time: Tuesday October 29, 2013 (6:45pm – 8:45pm)

Room: 0010B, Osgoode Library



  1. Call to Order
7:05 pm
  2. Minutes Approval
    1. Minutes Approved
  3. President’s Update
    1. Discussion about Charity event over Christmas break

i.     Anyone to take the point on organizing it?

  1. Semhar to take it away and get back to us in 3 weeks
  2. Open to the general membership
  3. To discuss other events in November
  4. Excelling at Interviews Event Update (Semhar & Busayo)
    1. No budget approved for this
    2. We are getting free mugs for the panelists
    3. We will be getting light refreshments
    4. To be sent out to the entire membership, not just 2Ls
  5. Subcommittees (Clinton & Sabrina)
    1. Decided on 3-4 committees. There is to be an exec member on each committee. The committees are as follows:
    2. Projects Committee
      1. Community
      2. Black History Month
      3. BLSA Osgoode Alumni (Semhar)

i.     Divide up past 10 years and contact past members to ask if they can be added to the database

  1. Proposals Committee
    1. Fundraising
    2. BLSAC proposal
    3. LSAT prep programs (getting cost subsidized)
    4. Constitutional Amendment Committee
      1. An email will be sent out for interest in the next couple of weeks.
      2. Work with committees will begin next semester
  2. NOISE Youth Speaking Event Schedule Creation (Busayo)
    1. Roger on Monday Nov 4
    2. Tiffany for next semester
    3. Clinton and Mark also on board
  3. BLSA Social Thurs Oct 31, 2013 (Ebony)
    1. Potluck style: Exec members please bring food dishes
    2. Personally invite students
    3. Busayo to send out reminder
    4. After the social, head to Osgoode Pub Nights
  4. Remaining Exec Meeting Dates
    1. November meeting to be moved up
    2. Google hangout instead of a physical mtg
    3. Busayo to send out a doodle
  5. Other Business
    1. Tiffany met w/ Kwaku on BLSAC Cares: suggestion to ask Dean to match proceeds from BLSA LSAT bursary
    2. Clinton made contact w/ Harvard Ready about LSAT to subsidize the cost for BLSA.
    3. Semhar and Clinton consulted about this.

i.     Deal: Buy 4 and pay $800 instead of $1200 (30% off)

ii.     Target high school and undergrad students during Black History Month—ballot—someone wins a free prep program

  1. Clinton would like a letter to be sent to Harvard Ready asap outlining the plan

i.     Semhar, Clinton, Kwaku, Tiffany to draft and circulate to group

  1. Candy Grams

i.     Decision to continue selling

ii.     Semhar to buy more candy

iii.     Agreed to spend $60- 70 more for fillers and new candy

  1. Need a solution/process going forward for dealing w/ budget and process when it comes to going over budget
  2. Darcel (1L Academic Session scheduled for Nov 13)

10. Adjournment 8:21p

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