Lincoln Alexander Award Ceremony 2019

On February 26, BLSA Osgoode held the Lincoln Alexander Award Ceremony to commemorate the work of Lincoln Alexander by honouring a black-identifying professional who is doing amazing work within the Black/African community. BLSA was honoured to present the award to Chris Moise, a true advocate for change and progress.

Chris Moise, TDSB Vice Chair and Trustee, has brought meaningful change to the lives of many far beyond the borders of his ward. From advocating passionately for purposeful change as an addictions and mental health counselor at St. Mike’s Hospital for over 15 years, advocating for vulnerable groups and the youth at large in schools and families in his community, and through openly and fiercely opposing change to city policy, Chris is a courageous leader. In 2017 Chris put forward a Motion requesting a review of the School Resource Officer program that placed police officers in schools. Chris’s motion that the SRO program be discontinued indefinitely was approved. Chris has has participated in tribunals that hear appeals of student expulsions and offered a perspective that understands barriers faced by different demographics of students.

BLSA would like to thank all the performers who came out and shared their talents with the Osgoode community. Lastly, thank you to all who came out to support BLSA with the Lincoln Alexander Ceremony.

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