Career Panel: Full Service Firms

Have you ever considered a legal career at a full-service firm? Have you ever wondered what a “full-service firm” is or what the work of an “in-house” counsel entails?

Whether you are interested, on the fence, or have never considered a career on Bay Street, come and check out the career panel on October 26th, 2017. Let it cement your intrigue or indifference. BLSA is proud to have some of the best legal minds in the legal profession chat with us about their journey — from the perspective of a person of colour. They can answer questions you have about business law, litigation or working as “in-house counsel”.

Practice areas include:
– mergers and acquisitions
– commercial real estate
– litigation
– business law (general practice)
– information technology
and more!

Our panelists include legal professionals who are also Osgoode alumni!

Allow yourself to leave a little more informed than you previously were. Debunk myths or confirm rumours as facts. We just want you to have a little more exposure to “Bay Street” from a slightly different lens. If you have any questions, here is the place to ask them.

Event details:https-cdn-evbuc-com-images-34532475-26582980351-1-original
Thursday, October 26th, 4:00 PM TO 6:00 PM
Osgoode Hall Law School, Room 1001

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