BLSA Osgoode and Norton Rose Fulbright present the first Africa Summit!

BLSA Osgoode is extremely excited to announce our Diamond partnership with Norton Rose Fulbright (“NRF”) for our Africa Summit! Together with NRF’s Toronto and South African office, BLSA Osgoode will be planning a unique experience for students that will explore three particular areas.

First, our Africa Summit will include an educational component. Students will be afforded the opportunity to participate in seminars and events that explore NRF’s international business practices (with an emphasis on NRF’s work in South Africa). Secondly, through various carefully curated engaging and inclusive events, students will be granted networking opportunities to create personal connections with NRF representatives and affiliates in Toronto and South Africa. Lastly, our Africa Summit will create space for participants to explore historical events domestically and in the diaspora to contextualize the role of law in modern efforts at rebuilding race, social, and economic relations! 

We want to thank Norton Rose Fulbright for their commitment to cultivating an educational and culturally rich experience for Osgoode BLSA students. We look forward to working intimately with NRF employees and building a strong relationship between NRF and the BLSA Osgoode chapter. We would also like to thank the current and past BLSA Executive team for their hard work in making this wonderful initiative possible. 

If the audio for the NRF video below is not working, please watch this video by NRF here or enter the following link into your browser:–tniOQr_5s/view?usp=drivesdk.

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