BLSA Canada Conference 2019

From February 14 to 17, BLSA Osgoode attended the annual BLSA Canada Conference in Ottawa. The event was an amazing opportunity for Black-identifying law students, practitioners and professionals to connect and learn.

The conference had a line up of informative panels, discussions and networking opportunities for law school students to participate in. BLSA would like to thank the execs at CABL and all the people that made this conference happen.

Also, BLSA Osgoode would like to take a moment to thank the Black student body for coming out and showing out! What an amazing and beautiful group of future lawyers.

PS: We need a flyest chapter of the year category, just saying!52417141_218501598997661_1943313847779590144_n 52461594_1945227002271728_1824788461400358912_n 52595877_2250535878559889_676914518323888128_n 52605289_377205976402663_9056281599833800704_n  52843644_352276468698419_7781320755584696320_n52736776_545141299330031_8700517754920239104_n

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